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#RamadanTips – Episode 12: New Beginnings⁣

With the grace of Allah SWT, Ramadan is one week away.⁣

It’s time to take action. And it is also time for a recap of intentions we intend to make this time in Ramadan.⁣

Always remember, consistency comes through repetition. No effort is small when it is put in the way to please Allah SWT.⁣

As we draw near, let’s purify our hearts, souls and embrace the month with a sincere plan to make this Ramadan better than the previous.⁣

Let us do a quick recap of tips to consider. Focus on 1 or 2 goals to achieve and persevere to create new habits.⁣

1. Pray 05 times a day (establish your daily prayers)⁣
2. Pray tahajjud (speak to Allah SWT directly)⁣
3. Make Dhikr (keep your tongue moist)⁣
4. Practice Gratitude (open the door to sustenance)⁣
5. Make Dua (remember HE is the giver)⁣
6. Connect with the Quran (let it speak on your behalf in the hereafter)⁣
7. Fast Mindfully (this month is for HIM)⁣
8. Break Bad Habits (anything that takes you away from HIM isn’t worth it)⁣
9. Maintain Good Relationships (open your doors for HIS mercy)⁣
10. Give (receive exponentially)⁣

Set your timer for 15 minutes today to set an intention. Think about what you want to accomplish this month of Ramadan and what you want to carry over for the rest of the year.⁣

Write down your goals and find an accountability partner that can help you achieve them.⁣

Early Ramadan Mubarak!