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#RamadanTips – Episode 2: Five Times A Day

I’m a believer. I know the ruling and what needs to be done, but I can’t help be consistent with my prayers. This has been a struggle throughout my life. No matter how many times I try, I still fail to stay on track and pray my five obligatory prayers.

Does this sound familiar?!

Praying can sometimes feel like a colossal task; at times, praying 5 times a day can feel like a distant ambition. If you can relate to the yearning to have that sweet connection with your Salah, then you are at the right place.

Stay on track – Tips

✨ Here are some tips to help you start the journey. In the beginning, Salah might feel more like a task, but with time, the connection builds, becoming a solace and something you look forward to and enjoy.

⚡ Ask yourself why – Aside from being an obligation to please God, why do you want to get regular with your salah? To have barakah in your life? To achieve success in this life and the hereafter? To express your gratitude? To be a role model for your kids?

⚡ Small habits build up over time – Start with one prayer, the easiest one, and once you establish one, start habit stacking and build up to five. Let’s consider you want to start with Isha’a prayer.

⚡ Set a specific and actionable goal – Make a conscious decision and set your prayer goal. I want to pray Isha’a prayer on time for 30 days straight starting February 1st. Ask Allah to help you achieve this goal.

⚡ Set an intention – Prepare yourself mentally and spiritually. Ya Allah, I want to pray Isha’a prayer on time for 30 days to feel the barakah in my life and to be a role model for my kids. Ya Allah, guide me to offer my prayer on time and help me be consistent with it.

⚡ Fix a time to pray – Add your Isha’a prayer to a ritual you already do before going to bed – brush your teeth, follow a skincare routine, make wudu, and pray.

⚡ Dedicated space – Pick a quiet corner in your house and lay out your favorite prayer mat. For starters, pick two small surahs you want to recite and practice them.

⚡ Accountability and reminders – To stay on track, add a reminder on your phone and ask your accountability partner to check on your daily progress.

✅ To make sure you are consistent, track your prayers daily. Here, we can be of more help. Get access to the FREE prayer tracker.

Insha’a Allah, once you consciously start making an effort, Allah SWT will also help you achieve your goal.

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