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Today is Tuesday, and as promised, we begin the #RamadanTips series. Planning to get the most of Ramadan is an excellent start for the holy month!

Bismillah! Let us begin.

#RamdanTips – Episode 1: Building Good Habits

The Prophet ﷺ said, “The most beloved of deeds to Allah are those that are most consistent, even if it is small.” Habits happen through the repetition of a behavior. The key is to start small, and then you can stack up and build on it; SubhanAllah, nothing goes unnoticed from Allah SWT!

Before we begin discussing useful tips, let us utilize this week to:

???? Reflect on the past Ramadan – Reflecting on what you accomplished and what you missed is a healthy path toward self-improvement. Make a note of two things you will want to do better this Ramadan.

???? Accountability Buddy – If you are ready to make a serious effort to change this Ramadan, hold yourself accountable. You’re more likely to succeed if you get some help. Identify a friend with similar goals and make a plan. Do a check-in every day to see how you’re doing on your new habit.

???? Intention Setting – By setting intentions, you become more aware of your thoughts and behavior patterns each day. Setting intentions increases the odds that you will stick to your new habits.

Building Good Habits - Ramadan Tips

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