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Ramadan 2021 – 3 months to go

???? Ninety days more to the blessed month! Subhan Allah! What a sweet wait it is!

???? It seems like Ramadan was just yesterday! And now it is about to begin. Last year was different for all of us. With the pandemic, it was for sure a testing time for all of us!

✨ But aren’t the believers tested to become more strong?

????️ From coming Tuesday, we will be starting a #RamadanTips series in the spirit of this month, where we will discuss how you can prepare yourself for Ramadan! 

???? We can achieve so much by planning. Let’s show the best of ourselves during this month!

???? We wish you all – barakah in the coming months and health throughout! May Allah SWT protect us and guide us to get the most out of this holy month!

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???????? Remember us in your thoughtful dua’s!