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What can I gift someone during Ramadan?

The month of Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection and fasting for Muslims around the world. It is also a time for giving and exchanging gifts with loved ones. If you’re looking for gift ideas for someone who is observing Ramadan, here are a few suggestions:

⚡️ Dates

Dates are a traditional food to break the daily fast during Ramadan, so a box of high-quality dates can make a thoughtful gift.

⚡️ Charity

Ramadan is a time of charitable giving, so you could make a donation to a charity on behalf of the person you are giving the gift to.

⚡️ Islamic books

A book about Islam, the Quran, or the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad can be a meaningful gift for someone who is practicing their faith during Ramadan.

⚡️ Prayer beads

Muslim prayer beads, known as a “misbaha,” can be a thoughtful gift for someone looking to deepen their spiritual practice during Ramadan.

⚡️ Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy is a beautiful art form that is closely tied to Islamic culture. You could give a framed piece of calligraphy as a gift.

⚡️ Food

You could also prepare or purchase a meal or sweet treat to share with the person you are giving the gift to after they break their fast.

⚡️ Personalized Gifts

A personalized Ramadan gift, such as a custom piece of artwork or a handmade item, can be a meaningful and thoughtful way to show your appreciation for your family member during Ramadan.