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Ramadan Reminders

Daily reminders throughout the month of Ramadan.

The Day Before Ramadan

— Set an intention to fast —

The intention to fast the month of Ramadan must be made during the night before dawn.

“I intent to fast the month of Ramadan”

Ramadan Day 1

— Acts of worship that you can do daily —

Pick a surah/chapter in the Qur’an that has 30 ayat/verses. Memorize and understand one ayah a day.

Surahs that consists of 30 ayat: Surat as-Sajdah, Surat al-Mulk, Surat al-Fajr.

Ramadan Day 2

— A worship space at home —

Create or find an inviting space in your home to serve as a worship spot where you can spend time there to pray, make dhikr and focus on your spiritual goals.

Your spiritual corner can be very minimalist, or you can choose to be creative.

Ramadan Day 3

— Acts of worship that you can do daily —

Make duaa! Ask Allah for all of your needs. Those related to this world as well as those related to the Hereafter.⁣

Best time to make duaa: The time of Sahar (last 1/3 of the night), 5 min before Maghrib (before breaking your fast).

Ramadan Day 4

— Jumuah Mubaraka —

Make lots of duaa on this blessed Friday in this blessed month.

Feeling lonely? Ask God to grant you contentment in knowing He’s always there.

Feeling unsettled? Ask God to grant you peace of mind and heart.

Ramadan Day 5

— Qiyam-ul-layl—

Consider adding Qiyam to your Ramadan schedule even if it is only one hour.

Qiyaam al-layl is where you spend part of the night in prayer, reading Quran, remembering Allah (dhikr) and other acts of worship.