Eid Takbeerat – Eid Supplication


Eid Takbeerat – Printable

Gift this elegant, printable Eid takbeerat to the brother and sisters in Islam. To them, who are celebrating their first Eid in our community.

** If you like to have the Takbeerat in a different color, let us know, and we can customize it to your liking.

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When Should the Eid Takbeerat Be Made?

The time for the takbeer begins when the sun sets on the night of Eid (i.e., the night before) if it is known that the new month has begun when the sun sets, such as when the people have completed thirty days of Ramadaan, or when it is proven that the new moon of Shawwaal has been sighted. And it ends when the prayer begins, i.e., when they start the Eid prayer then the time for the takbeer ends.

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